Check out our customer favourites:

Our best selling spring mix is a huge customer favourite! A mix of 8 different lettuces and greens offers colour, texture and flavour. Our spring mix comes pre-washed and is guaranteed to last the whole week!

Grow your own fresh basil at home with our big healthy potted basil. Available in 2 sizes, our plants come well fertilized and ready to last you for weeks. Simply pluck the biggest leaves first, then work your way down from the top, pinching any flowers that grow.

Our carrots are famous for their delicious sweet flavour. Why? Flavour comes from sugars and sugars come from our incredibly nutrient rich cow pasture turned garden. Try some and see for yourself!

Carp Farmers’ Market

Carp Fairgrounds
Saturdays 8am – 1pm
Mother’s Day – Halloween
FREE Parking
Wheelchair Accessible
100+ Vendors and International Food Court!
Check out the website for weekly events.

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