Growing great garlic since 2010, we are becoming more and more in love with this crop each season. In 2020, Hedgeview Farm will be harvesting 19 different cultivars of garlic over 7 different groups. Much like wine grapes, each group and cultivar of garlic has its own distinctive properties making this crop so interesting to grow, market and consume.

Is there a variety that you are especially keen on cooking with? Are you looking for a specific variety of seed garlic?

We will be accepting Garlic pre-orders this year.
Varieties, pricing and shipping information to come May 2020.

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Meet us at the 21st Annual Garlic Festival at the Carp Farmers’ Market,
August 8th – 9th, 2020


Porcelains – Hardneck

4-6 large, fat cloves
Easy to peel
Very strong in general (high yield of allicin)
Sulfurous and unsubtle
Less generous in flavour complexity and depth
Long storage life of 6-9 months
Very cold hardy for growing in Canadian climates

Our Cultivars: Susan Delafield, Northern Quebec, Great Northern

Rocamboles – Hardneck

7-9 medium, plump cloves
Easy to peel
Relatively sweet, compared to Porcelains
Hot when raw, but relatively moderate and balanced
Rich, deep, complex flavour
Shorter storage life of 4-6 months
Good for growing in cold climates

Our cultivars: Marino, Spanish Roja, Newfoundland, Hungarian Hot, Russian Red, Italian Purple, Korean Purple, French Rocambole

Artichoke – Softneck

Squat and Blocky Cloves
Milder in general with fairly complex flavour
Most productive, least problematic
Early maturing and most widely adapted for growing conditions
Long storage of 9-12 months

Our Cultivars: Transylvania, Portugeorge

Marbled Purple Stripe/Glazed Purple Stripe*

*Note that these groups are each their own subgroup but we have them listed together as they do share very similar characteristics.

6-8 Squat Cloves (Glazed has generally more than the Marbled)
Well-rounded in heat and flavour (somewhere between Porcelain and Rocambole)
Good amount of heat when raw
Very attractive for braiding
Medium storage of 6-9 months

Our Cultivars: Khabar Purple Stripe (Marbled), Vekak Czech (Glazed)

Turban – Hardneck

2020 will be the first year that we have enough production to market our first Turban cultivar – TT5V. Not the most memorable name but we will work on a more attractive reference for it. This cultivar produces quite a few rounds.

6-8 Slender Cloves
Hot when raw
Mild, less distinctive when cooked
First to harvest – very early!
Somewhat finicky harvesting – harvest when 1-2 leaves brown

Our Cultivars: TT5V

Silverskin – Softneck

2020 is our first season growing Silverskin garlic at Hedgeview Farm. We are trialing 3 cultivars at this time.

Smaller, Tear-Drop Shaped Cloves
Very strong and sulfurous (may require cloves to be well cooked)
Tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions
Known to bolt in cold climates
Late maturing
Very long storage of 12 months +

Our cultivars on trial: Silverskin, Nootka Rose, Eureka Danaerys

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