The Basics.

Brenna Jansen
2519B Greenwood Rd., Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W2

Hedgeview Farm is a 3rd-generation mixed farm with a small scale market garden. We are focused on producing quality, nutritious produce, through sustainable agricultural practices. We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables and some fruits on a 2 acre plot.

We market our vegetables at the Carp Farmers’ Market and also locally through our on-farm CSA Veggie Basket program. We also offer a large selection of organically grown garlic for table and seed, which is available in August.

Our Farming Practices

Use only certified organic and/or untreated seeds.

Control disease through long crop rotations and careful seed selection (i.e. disease resistant cultivars).

Use of mulches and cover crops to reduce erosion, build soil, retain soil moisture, and increase nutrient content.

Encourage pollinators by supporting wild spaces and biodiversity.

Control insect pressure through physical barriers (netting) and long crop rotations.

Continuously build soil health through compost applications, green manures and reduced tillage.

Our Farm’s History

Christmas 1985

Hedgeview Farm was a dairy farm owned by George and Hazel Matheson. George’s parents bought the farm in 1915 (est. 1875) and George was raised here. Together with his wife Hazel, George bought the farm in the 1940s. (Brenna is the baby on Hazel’s lap, shown above)

Omi Ruth working in her amazing farm garden.

In 1969 Ruth and Albert Jansen bought the farm from George and Hazel and gave the farm the name, Hedgeview Farm. Together with their 3 children (Christiana, Benita and Gary), Ruth and Albert ran their dairy farm.

Albert with the old milking machines

In 1982 Ruth and Albert sold the dairy farm to their son Gary and daughter-in-law Sharron. For 24 years, Gary and Sharron ran the dairy farm together with their 3 children – Emily, Paul and Brenna until 2006, when they sold the cows and quota.

Brenna helping at the clothesline.
Brenna and one of our friendly dairy cows in the late 1990s – now the site of a garden plot!
Ruth and Albert (Omi & Opi), in their 90s, still on the farm in 2019.
Sharron (Mormor) and Svea

George and Hazel were looking for a family to come work on the farm, for they themselves did not have children. In 1953 Brenna’s grandparents – Ruth and Albert Jansen were sponsored to come to Canada from Bremen Germany (Ruth fled Latvia during WWII), to start a new life with their baby Christiana.

Albert and little Gary.
Brenna in mom-Sharron’s incredible garden late 1980s.
Sharron (Brenna inside), Paul and Emily on the hay wagon in the heifer field, which now has several garden plots.

In 2011, Brenna returned from Denmark with her now husband Mathias, to start a market garden using organic methods. Brenna and Mathias’ two children, Svea and Peter, put four generations of our family on the farm.
In 2020, we are celebrating 10 years with the market garden and going strong!!

The kids picking a snack of peas.
Gary (Opa) and Pete
3 generations of raspberry lovers!
George Matheson
Hazel, Christiana, George and Brenna in the early 1990s at the farm.
Albert, Ruth, Christiana and Benita (no Gary yet). Farmhouse with original wood siding in the background.
Gary with the new bulk tank in the 1980s. This Milkhouse is now where we do the CSA pick up!
Gary Paul and Brenna with our first Giant Pumpkin!
Mathias, Peter, Brenna & Svea
Ruth and Albert having a walk on the farm with Brenna and Svea in 2015.
Pete, Mathias & Svea

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